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Premium Implant-retained overdenture for edentulism

Implant snap on denture for elderly people

Mrs ' tooth-borne overdenture was made by Prosthodontist Qing 3 years ago. Last week, Mr also very happily got his implant snap-on overdenture . 

The premium overdenture used injection with layering technique to reinforce the acrylic strength while keeping a very natural looking to simulate the patient's own gum. The denture is also reinforced with casted metal to further ensure long-term durability.

The long-term relationship ( patient referral, and dental colleague referral) are the most rewarding and fulfilling to us.  ( Patients' approval of using their recognizable portrait)
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Portrait Hai Qing HAI QING, DMD, Ph.D., Board Cert Prosthodontist Private practice at New Britain, PA 18901 Adjunct clinical assistant professor teaching Advanced Prosthodontics Program at Upenn Dental Medicine.

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