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Improving A Patient's Smile By Replacing Their Old Composite Bonding With Anterior Veneers

Improving A Patient's Smile By Replacing Their Old Composite Bonding With Anterior Veneers

A tennis player from Doylestown had undergone two composite bonding procedures on her front teeth, but they became stained over time. She was seeking a more durable and stain-resistant option, such as ceramic veneers, and also wanted to enhance the shape and contour of her front teeth.

Our Treatment Plan

During a comprehensive examination, our prosthodontist Qing discovered two caries underneath the old bonding. We addressed tooth decay as the first step. This is because the health and function of the oral system are always the top priority, even in cosmetic procedures. We also recommended tooth bleaching first to improve the overall shade, followed by conservative tooth preparation to remove the decay and old bonding.

Our ceramic artist, Jon, fabricated four ceramic veneers with intricate details that mimic the natural beauty of teeth. The final results pleased the patient.

Teeth Whitening To Improve The Overall Shade

Teeth whitening improves the brightness of your smile. It whitens your teeth and removes stains and discoloration. Our in-office treatment is ideal for patients who are looking for fast results and don't have time in their schedules for at-home bleaching trays. For patients who prefer to whiten their teeth gradually over time, we provide take-home trays and a bleaching gel that can be worn at home.

Veneers To Replace Old Bonding And Improve The Shape And Contour of The Front Teeth.

Veneers are made of thin, durable porcelain that is designed to fit over the front surfaces of teeth. We can use them to improve the appearance of your teeth and address certain oral health issues at the same time. For example, we can use them to reshape a tooth that is too long or too short in comparison to surrounding teeth. We can also use them to close gaps between teeth or make uneven teeth appear more uniform. Before placing dental veneers, we must treat any underlying oral health issues first and then place the restorations. 

Before beginning treatment, Dr. Qing will assess the patient's dental health and review their medical history to rule out any conditions that may interfere with proper healing or increase the risk of complications after treatment. If porcelain veneers are right for the patient, we will design the right treatment plan that addresses all of their concerns and improves the appearance of their teeth as well as their self-esteem and self-confidence.


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