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I can eat the corn on the cob now---Implant over denture

Dental implant overdenture ( snap on denture)

Mr. H does not have teeth and is using an old broken denture. He is looking for new oral rehabilitation cost-effectively. Four implants in the maxilla and two dental implants in the mandible were placed to retain the overdenture.

Overdenture in the maxilla is in a horseshoe shape and does not cover the whole palate; this way, it exposes more oral tissue for the patients to feel more comfortable and have more sensation to food.

Injection molding and layering staining techniques were used to fabricate high-quality denture with natural esthetics. Well designed oral reconstruction not only rehabilitates the oral function but also provides natural facial support and esthetics.

Happy Patients, Quality over quantity, and small boutique office with full-service specialist-level dentistry are our practice's philosophy. We offer a complimentary consultation or a second opinion.

Portrait Hai Qing HAI QING, DMD, Ph.D., Board Cert Prosthodontist Private practice at New Britain, PA 18901 Adjunct clinical assistant professor teaching Advanced Prosthodontics Program at Upenn Dental Medicine.

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