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Cosmetic Ceramic Veneers- Pros, Cons and Maintenance

Ceramic Veneers Improve the Smile

A 56-year-old, lovely lady came to Dr. Qing for Prosthodontist’s opinion of how to improve her smile.  After a thorough exam and diagnosis,  considering that the patient’s teeth are in an okay situation, we recommended a more conservative approach of just doing several veneers on the upper anterior region, which should fulfill the patient’s goal.

Esthetics is subjective. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. A smile was first designed based on Prosthodontic cosmetic guidelines and Susan’s desire. The smile was temporarily and reversibly transferred to Susan’s mouth using the Mock-up technique, so Susan can visualize the smile before moving on to the next step.

Based on the smile both Susan and we selected, it was deemed that most of the natural tooth structure can be saved. A more conservative way ( Emax Esthetic Veneer) can be used for a smile makeover with long-term success [Shetty, 2011, systematic review of more than 90% success in 10 years],

Smile assessment was done from different angles by both Susan and us before the final cementation. Susan picked the more natural color of her new smile ( not the Hollywood white).

It feels so great that we can make people smile beautifully and confidently.  Besides this brilliant smile, the key is the long-term outcome and easy maintenance, which were all taken into consideration during the planning stage. That’s why we emphasize “Thorough exam, Accurate diagnosis, and Comprehensive treatment plan”;  That’s why our mission is “ Oral health care for life”; That’s why we love long-term relationship, That is why we have the confidence to offer a 7-year limited warranty.

“As a tooth doctor, it rarely needs us to save a life (Occasionally we do), but we can change people’s life by making them function better and smile better.” “ We restore teeth; we restore the ego’----<Clark’s clinical dentistry>

Portrait Hai Qing HAI QING, DMD, Ph.D., Board Cert Prosthodontist Private practice at New Britain, PA 18901 Adjunct clinical assistant professor teaching Advanced Prosthodontics Program at Upenn Dental Medicine.

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