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A dentist's own journey of smile makeover

Dentist got porcelain veneer

Dr. Y, a famous dentist in Philadelphia Mainline area. He suffers from tetracycline teeth for many years, which has resulted, according to him, that he could not smile big and smile confidently. 

Dr. Y finally decided to consult with our board-certificed prosthodontist, cosmetic dentist Dr. Qing for the solution. Designing together with the national top ceramist, Dr. Qing came out with the plan to whiten and straighten his smile. After Dr. Y approved the design, minimally invasive procedures were done. Ceramist Joe fabricated the artistic veneers

With the concept that cosmetics built on health and function for life-long smile, Dr. Qing then meticulously bonded the veneers to the teeth, making sure that  all veneers were precisely fitted, margin sealed well, biting function well done under the concept of occlusion. Dr. Y is very happy and satisfied as a dental professional.

Portrait Hai Qing HAI QING, DMD, Ph.D., Board Cert Prosthodontist Private practice at New Britain, PA 18901 Adjunct clinical assistant professor teaching Advanced Prosthodontics Program at Upenn Dental Medicine.

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