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HAI QING, DMD -  - Prosthodontist

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Whether you suddenly develop unbearable pain, a bridge comes loose, or you suffer an injury to your mouth, you can get the emergency dental care you need at Bucks Dental Health and Esthetics in New Britain, Pennsylvania. Hai Qing, DMD, always saves spots in his schedule to accommodate emergency dental patients, and he’s a specialist who can perform the range of treatments necessary to treat your dental problems. If you need emergency dentistry, don’t wait, call the office and schedule an appointment.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

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When do I need emergency dentistry?

You should call Bucks Dental Health and Esthetics for emergency care when you need to:

  • Stop bleeding
  • Relieve pain
  • Save a damaged tooth

Your tooth pain may be caused by an injury, but it also could be a sign of a severe infection. By the time you experience pain, chances are the infection has spread into your gums, tooth pulp, and/or jawbone.

Emergency dental care is also important if you:

  • Break or crack a tooth
  • Lose a permanent tooth
  • Get an object stuck in your gums, cheeks, or tongue
  • Have swelling or a fever along with pain

You may also need emergency treatment when a filling, crown, or bridge falls out and causes pain.

How can I protect my teeth during a dental emergency?

These are a few steps you can take to save a knocked-out tooth and prevent further injury when something is stuck in your mouth:

Knocked-out tooth

Dr. Qing has a better chance of saving a knocked-out tooth if you:

  • Don’t touch the tooth root
  • Keep the tooth moist
  • See Dr. Qing within 30 minutes 

To keep the tooth moist, you can rinse it with water and place it back in the socket, hold it between your gums and cheeks, or simply place it in a cup of milk. 

Object stuck in your tongue, gum, or cheek

Most people naturally react to getting an object stuck in their mouth by trying to take it out. In most cases, however, trying to remove something stuck in your mouth causes more tissue damage. It’s best to leave it in place and call Bucks Dental Health and Esthetics to schedule an emergency appointment.

How are dental emergencies treated?

As a specialist, Dr. Qing can perform nearly every procedure you might need, so your dental problems are quickly solved. When you go in for emergency dental care, his first goal is to relieve your pain, stop any bleeding, and preserve your tooth if needed.

The specific treatment you receive is based on the type of injury. For example, Dr. Qing immediately replants a knocked-out tooth and may put a temporary crown over a damaged tooth. 

If you have a dental emergency, call Bucks Dental Health and Esthetics to schedule an appointment.